Since I started using namecheap in 2012, their prices for .com domain renewals have gone up 71%, from $9.87 to $16.87.

I think it’s gotten a little out of hand there and am moving my domains to cloudflare, which charges ten cents less than what I was paying namecheap in 2012.

A domain is a commodity, there’s no justification for those kind of price hikes. The prices are worse for other TLDs as well.

Namecheap made an announcement about this in 2021, and although they increased about 30% last year, I thought that would be it. Nope. Here is namecheap’s 2021 announcement.

This screencap sums up the issue though:

In short, they picked the wrong registry to base their business off of. It’s too bad, namecheap has been a great company otherwise.