Honest Billing

What can I expect billing to be like?

Where possible, we work off of a cap of hours or work out a fixed quote with clients. This way, you can have a clear expectation of cost. If it looks like it is going to take more time or there’s additional work that should be done, your approval will be needed before continuing.

We only bill for work completed and never for research or communication. If a project is completed in less hours than quoted, you won’t be billed for the full quote either, only work completed. We’re not looking to make any more than we’re owed, and always keep detailed time records.

All that to say, at no time should you (ever) get an invoice with unexpected charges. This kind of honesty and transparency is what we would personally expect from professional developers and designers.

Please contact us for our latest hourly rates or a project quote.

Quotes you can customize

Your detailed quote will be custom tailored to your needs. If the budget or timeline doesn’t fit your needs, you can add or remove items from your quote to affect the timeline and see the cost difference in realtime. When you’re done reviewing and customizing your quote, all you have to do is click accept and provide a digital signature. Although we do provide recommendations, you are the one who is in control of the project scope.

Project Tracking

Staying organized during a project is a crucial aspect of success. Managing a project from an email inbox just doesn’t cut it most of the time. When you start a project with ImagineIFF you’ll be invited to an online project area where you’ll get a birds-eye view of the project status. You can discuss each todo item with us and see exactly what we’ll be tackling next to ensure your deadline will be met. No guesswork, miscommunication or excuses here!

You’ll be treated with the respect you deserve.

What happens when I want to hire a different agency?

The saddest truth about this industry is that clients are often treated like commodities. I’ve seen firms attempt to lock clients into hosting or maintenance plans, withhold login information, and even cease communication completely when a client attempts to move their services to ImagineIFF. It is a common practice, but that doesn’t make it right.

Do you know how you’ll be treated when you attempt to leave your current design firm?

At ImagineIFF, although our churn rate is extremely low, it does happen. Perhaps another firm is a better fit, offers different services, or is a harder sell (we’re very low pressure here). You’ll be supported from day one with the upmost respect and you’ll experience nothing but the highest level of professionalism. That even includes your transition elsewhere.

Some advice to all website owners

Purchase your domains through accounts that you own so that you will always at least have control over that. You don’t want to risk the slightest chance of losing it, even if it is a family member or friend you trust registering them for you, instead, always insist on registering domains yourself. If you don’t have the domain, then it’s possible you may lose years of recognition and hard work. A website can and should be rebuilt from time to time, but rebuilding SEO rank and brand recognition should be avoided.

Hosting like no other

If your server goes down, what do you do? It used to be that you’d have to go in to your server to update software and fix problems – which takes time. With ImagineIFF’s new hosting, if a server goes down, within a few minutes a fresh, working server will be deployed. In most cases, users will not notice any downtime.


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