A.K.A. Receipt scanners without unwanted accounting software.

Adobe Capture

  • You have to group scans after the fact (and it is a clunky process too)
  • They want an additional $10/mo ON TOP OF Adobe Cloud
  • Quality is good
  • Scanning doesn’t detect receipts, so you have to do a “manual scan” and then crop after the fact

Using Adobe Capture for receipts would be the worst choice, unless you frequently get 8.5×11 receipts that never need to be grouped.

Genius Scan

  • Quick scanning of multiple documents into a group
  • Quality is good
  • Exports cut off parts of receipts sometimes
  • They offer cloud storage for your scans for a price – maybe useful, but it’s just as easy to sync the files to your desktop using some other method imo.

I was using Genius Scan but the poor export quality has caused me to look elsewhere, as in practice it is not really a viable solution.

Open Note Scanner

Available on F-Droid

  • No grouping, but you can “tag” scans from seven pre-made tags (mostly nonsensical names and icons though)
  • Requires download of additional OpenCV app, and granting permissions for Open Note Scanner to do installs on your system
  • Quality is OK
  • Goes directly into a folder in your file system – perfect for syncing to your desktop quickly/automatically
  • Simple and quick UI
  • Can increase speed of scanning process by printing out a scan template to put your pages on (can auto-tag by doing this also)

For receipts, the scan process could be improved. They could make the scan happen automatically, increase the speed a lot, and allow users to group items or tag as part of the scanning process. But, for simple receipt scanning this seems like the best option I’ve found.

I tried several other apps from the android store but all were behind paywalls and since I’m on a degoogled device, I couldn’t buy them even if I wanted to, since they all use the google mechanisms for in-app payments.

Document Scanner by Lufick

  • Has ads in the app (but they can be blocked with an ad blocker)
  • Nags you to upgrade to premium (which degoogled users can never do)
  • Scan process is nice and quick
  • Scans are grouped automatically
  • Can create a collage of all your scans (can be a big time saver if you previously would have had to import all your scans into a photo editor)