The Weekly Issue

This live music event took place every Friday at the Copper Rhino in Modesto, CA for a year and a half run. Before the first event, an identity and recurring themes for weekly 11×17 posters were made. The idea behind The Weekly Issue’s marketing was for it to have a new comic book feel with each show; a mixture of cuteness, nostalgia and eye-catching design. During the shows, after each band’s set is done, there are professional audio spots for the weekly issue (created by voice actor and B92.9 DJ John Chimpo) being played between some of the latest and greatest songs. A video trailer was also made. It immersed the viewer into that weeks issue, and featured short samples of each band’s music.
We wanted to make it as easy as possible for someone to learn what each show was about. We did this by incorporating QR codes into each poster -and when available they will sent the user straight to the video trailer. A person armed with a smartphone could see the poster, and be hearing the music in under a minute. We felt a portal was necessary to bring all of this information together; so a custom Facebook fan page was built, and populated with the fliers, videos and information along with photos (with a recurring visual theme) that were taken at each show. Check out the youtube and facebook links below to further explore this show series.

The Weekly Issue, Jill Ferris & The Copper Rhino were all nominated for MAMA awards in 2011 – congratulations!

After a successful start-up, The Weekly Issue’s assets were handed over to the staff at Flyboys and The Copper Rhino to continue the series.


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