I’m very proud to announce a new service for people like me, freelancers & contractors in the tech industry (or any industry, really), who are on their own when it comes to health care. The government subsidies aren’t for everyone, and if you make over a certain amount you get little to no help. That’s where HackerCare comes in. We provide not only deep discounts on great health care plans, but also other business services that every startup, freelancer or contractor, needs and wants to actually use!

We had a very soft launch at Mozilla Headquarters in San Francisco on February 5th, during a WebFWD event on healthcare held by Startup Policy Lab.

Next, we’ll be at Launch Festival in San Francisco February 24-26th, Demoing and Exhibiting!

Look for us in TechChrunch this week!

HackerCare is headed by the talented Gina Lujan, the founder of HackerLab. I am currently CDO, and we have a CPO, Charles Blas.

UPDATE May 2015:

HackerCare is now known as BetterCare http://bettercare.co/